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Sherrye offers astrology classes for those who are strictly beginners, those who are more advanced, and those who fall somewhere in between. To register and pay your class donation, you may do so online at our "SHOP" page. See our Facebook page for Schedules of Classes, Workshops and Events. 


Beginner's 101:
You will learn to construct your own basic equal house solar chart as you learn the meanings of the Sun Signs, the Moon signs, the planets, and the houses, and how to determine their position in the chart. You will also learn the divisions of the signs by Element, Quality (modality), and Gender,  and how to recognize angles within the chartwheel that will help to determine major aspects between the planets.  Some basic interpretation will be presented through the understanding of keywords. Although we are constructing solar charts, there will be a brief overview of the Ascendant and Midheaven and their use in a natal chart.  

Beginner's 102 / Intermediate 101:
We will use a natal chart to explore how the signs, planets,and houses may be combined for interpretation. We will briefly explore the mythology that gives character to the planets and luminaries and defines their attributes, including Chiron; and we will touch upon the asteroids Ceres, Juno, Pallas, and Vesta. Each student will cast a personal natal chart using, and compare the differences between the solar equal house chart and the natal chart. We will go deeper into angles, aspects, and orbs of aspects between planets. and learn how to determine character and potential in the chart. We will also begin to look at planetary transits, and how they affect your chart. (An ephemeris of planetary positions will be introduced for this purpose.) We will introduce comparison relationship charts (synastry), and if time permits, we will interpret a celebrity relationship chart. (This course was originally called "Beginner's 102", but does include some Intermediate lessons.)

More Intermediate and Advanced Classes -- See below:

Other courses and workshops will be offered for more advanced students.  Contact us for information.

Sample workshops:

Chiron and the Goddess Asteroids
Comparison Charts -- the Astrology of Relationship
Change and the Outer Planets

Beginner's 101 is a prerequisite for all workshops unless otherwise stated.  For further information on class dates, registration, and fees, contact Sherrye  at 508-755-9423 or at [email protected] , visit our Facebook page, and register on our Shop page here on the site.