Astrology Readings
Astrology readings are set up via the Tropical Placidus method, which is the most popular and well known form of Astrology in the Western Hemisphere. The astrologer locates the positions of the planets at the time of the individual's birth, and studies them to find the meaning behind their placements in the chart. She compares these placements with current, past, and future transits, in order to interpret what is happening in the life of the individual being read.  Although the readings are one hour long, it may take several days to create and interpret the chart prior to the scheduled appointment.   To schedule a reading, we ask that you contact Sherrye in advance with  the information necessary to set up your chartwheel, at which time your appointment will be made.  Please  provide the following information:

Date of birth (day, month, year), Time of Birth (if available), Place of birth, and questions (present, past or future). 

We offer readings in person or by telephone, by appointment only, as well as E-mail readings. Online payment via Paypal is available on our "SHOP" page. You may schedule an appointment for a reading either with Sherrye directly at 508-755-9423, through [email protected], or inquire on our Facebook page.