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Astrology Merchandise and More at the 2012 StardreamRs Shop!

Worcester Astrology and 2012 StardreamRs features online shopping for astrological merchandise that's as much fun as it is beautiful!  We have apparel and gifts with  Zodiac and planet imagery and more. Also, other popular designs, from Sacred Sites to Cool Cats!  Designed by Worcester Astrology  in  Massachusetts; even astronomers will like the solar system images.  We have a variety of T-Shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, hoodies, and even baby clothes and doggie-wear!  We also have mugs in various sizes, clocks, pillows, decorative ornaments, Keepsake boxes, coasters, and other fun items for the home or office. Get a button or a magnet for an inexpensive gift.

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Worcester Astrology also makes it possible to pay for your Readings in advance online. No registration is required.

Contact Sherrye at 508-755-9423 or at [email protected], or via Facebook with your complete birth information at least a week in advance of when you would like to schedule your reading. The chart must be analyzed before the reading takes place. Birth information should include the  month, day, year, time and place if available, plus any questions that you would like to have answered during your reading. Readings are $90 for one hour in person, $75 for one hour via telephone, and $75 via email unless otherwise specified. (Variations offered.)  After you have scheduled your reading, you may pay here via Paypal:
Enjoy your reading!  Sherrye looks forward to meeting with you.

(Disclaimer: By making your payment here, you are agreeing that you are over 18 years old, and that you will not use this service in situations where a professional doctor, lawyer, or financial advisor should be consulted. Worcester Astrology emphasizes that should you require medical, legal, or financial consultations, you should remember to also seek the help of a professional. Some states require that we say,"Astrology Is for entertainment purposes only". )

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Worcester Astrology makes it possible for you to register and pay for Classes and Workshops online. To Register  and make your payment donation, select your class, workshop, or reading,  and then see the links below.  Classes and Workshops are described elsewhere on the site, under the "Classes." section. ( For further information on class dates and payments, see our Facebook page, or contact Sherrye at 508-755-9423 or at [email protected]. )

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